Chairman of the Board:

Pat McAleer

Vice Chairman:

Frank Cirii

Flag Officers

Commodore: Joe Loeper III

Vice Commodore: Dominic Bonitatis III

Rear Commodore: Eric Schiela

Trustee Committee Chairpersons

House: Lisa Booth

House: Harry McHugh

Communications: Sheila Straub

Membership: Lee Warren

Secretary: Gerry Cullen

By-Laws: Michele Lynch

Finance: Bryan Eshelman

Finance: Eric Follman

Finance: Jon Herr

Finance: George Shoffner

Finance, Insurance: Charles Reinhart

Treasurer: Jay Mallon

Building & Grounds: Davis Pearson

Building & Grounds: Dominic Bonitatis III

Youth & Sailing: John Groskoph

Marina: Dave Mohr

Jill Mundenar

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