Flying Scot

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The Flying Scot is a 19 foot day sailor dinghy used for pleasure sailing as well as racing throughout North America. The Flying Scot was designed in 1957 by Gordon K. Douglass who had already designed the Thistle and Highlander dinghies. The Flying Scot is noted for ease of handling and durability, and has been a popular choice of individual owners, sailing schools and rental operators since its introduction. Raced by a crew of two or three, many teams are husband/wife or parent/child. There have been over 6,000 boats built, all of which are identical to the very first Scot which still competes in today’s racing circuit!


Avalon Yacht Club is the home of Flying Scot Fleet 208 within the Greater New York District of the Flying Scot Sailing Association. This class of sailboats is well known for welcoming new sailors, building strong friendships, and hosting great social events. We compete in an interclub racing series in the Great Sound with the Yacht Club of Stone Harbor throughout the summer months.


If you are interested in sailing in a Flying Scot or just learning more about this boat, please contact Dave Mohr at or Mitch Shiles at We would be happy to take you for a sail or have you crew with us!

Hope to see you on the water!






Flying Scot Specifications

Length, overall 19′ Mast height, above water 28′
Length, waterline 18′ 6″ Sail Area, main & jib 191 sq. ft.
Beam 6′ 9″ Sail Area, spinnaker 200 sq. ft.
Draft, board up 8″ Weight, all up 850 lbs.
Draft, board down 48″ Gross trailering weight 1200 lbs.